How can I get more appointments for my business?

As Ireland returns to work in the traditional sense, we are all trying to recoup some of the precious time we lost during the lockdown phase.  Time to develop new business is vital, but can you split yourself down the middle – one half to make appointments and the other half to attend appointments?  The realistic answer is no.  As the saying goes, “It takes time to build castles” and your time is in short supply. 

So, how can I get more appointments?  The answer to that is outsourced appointment setting.  We have a team of appointment setters ready to take on your goals or objectives and make them their own.  Using our services to secure more high-quality appointments for you can give you the best of both worlds, appointments made which you attend.

So, what do I need to provide you with?  We need information on you, your business, and what you are looking to sell.  We will then ask about where your client base is, and what the ideal client looks like.  Lastly, we would ask what areas you want to cover in Ireland (or the UK) and what your availability is.  Using that information, we will create a list of potential clients and then our talented team will begin the process of getting you appointments.

Depending on the amount of appointments you are looking to get, what package you choose with us and when your availability is, we will update you as quickly as the end of a day.  Should there be an appointment requested urgently, we will contact you to discuss as soon as possible.  If we make contact with some companies who may not be available for appointments during the time you have specified but may be a quality lead, the information we have will be passed over to you. 

How soon can this service begin?  Depending on your requirements we can usually start this within 7 working days.  We work with companies up and down Ireland, so if you think appointment setting would be a beneficial thing to your business get in touch today.  We serve our clients on a first come first served basis so getting in touch sooner is better.

Can I trial this service to see if it works for my business?  Yes, we offer discounted trial rates so that you can have a taster of the high-quality service we provide.  This gives you the chance to test us out to make sure your happy but also gives us a chance to make sure that we have all the information needed from you to run a successful campaign. 

Are your appointment setters Irish?  Yes.  We get asked these questions a lot and we understand why.  Our team are Irish, but we are part of a larger company.  This means that if you are looking to market to Ireland and the UK, we have appointment setters who are based in both countries. 

What do I do now?  Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs on an initial consultation.  You can get us on 01 5397888 or email if that is easier  and we can arrange to contact you.

We are all in this recovery phase together, so let’s build your castle together.