Increasing sales the Irish Way

May The road rise to meet you.

Irish people have built successful businesses throughout the world.  Love them or hate them, names like JP McManus, Denis O’Brien and even Michael O’Leary are well known.  Why are they successful?  Today I wanted to talk about some of the inherently Irish attributes which we use to sell across the globe.

Let’s face it, probably one of our most sellable assets is the average Irish person’s ability to achieve anything, just for the craic.  We are a nation of people with incredible personalities and that is one of the reasons we are successful.  We socialize with people because of who they are, and this is no different in business.  We work with people, clients, suppliers, investors or even bank managers who we get on with or who are already part of our social circle.  We need to remember this and use it to our advantage when we are looking to achieve our business dreams.

Putting our best foot forward in a social sense allows us to build and develop relationships.  Building trust and developing a rapport with our clients is the key to our success.  People do not deal with businesses in Ireland – they deal with people.  We know this because of who we work with.  We get in touch with Siobhán at our supplier, or we go see Pádraig to talk about loan at the bank and if anyone asked us for advice we recommend people by name.  You sell your business, and it is good to keep that in mind for all your interactions.

Our tendency to never shy away from work is another reason we are successful.  While we may play hard, we work even harder.  Throughout the centuries we have built our nation and even when Ireland couldn’t provide the work for us, we emigrated to places like America and the UK and helped build their nations too.  This attitude is ingrained in all of us, we see it to this day. 

Here at Big Wolf Marketing, we recognize how incredible Irish people are as a nation and how it is a fantastic country to do business.  We know that things have changed throughout the world especially in a digital sense, and our aim is to make sure our clients are ahead of the game.  It could be that you are too busy having the craic with your current clients to reach new ones, so need some help building that rapport with new opportunities.  It may be that you have an innovation you are looking to market but aren’t sure where to start.  Ever heard of SEO or PPC?  If the answer is no or not really, we can help with this to make sure that your business or product is being seen by the right people.

It’s a big open road out there, so let us help you on the road to success.  You can get in touch with us through our website, or by phone.  May the road rise to meet you.